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The Latest In High Fashion Murder Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4 > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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After a young model is killed at a fashion party, Jennifer and Jonathan agree to pose for a fashion shoot that leads to another murder. But Jennifer may have been the intended victim.
This one was interesting. First thing to note is that Joe Pantoliano has hair in this one. The next thing of interesting note is that the guy playing a very rich man with a cane, Sándor Naszódy, has eyebrows born to play a Klingon and absolutely must have taken a wrong turn on his way to the Star Trek set. He sure had creepy down in this one, so either role would have worked. In the meantime, this episode is set in the world of high fashion in the early '80's and built around designer Michaele Vollbracht. Which brings me to the third point of note, which is that it was still disco and ascot heaven at that time. Yikes! The circumstantial evidence pointed to all kinds of red herrings before I unravelled this one. But ultimately, this episode moved and had great supporting characters. Without a doubt, the best part of this episode was the scene just before hte halfway point where J & J have turned out the light so Jonathan can "get the adequate amount of sleep," and then after several beats, he goes, "RRWAGH!" and startles her. Whether it was scripted or one of the famous attempts at setside hijinx, Stefanie is genuinely startled and laughs heartily, and RJ glances meaningfully off set as he laughs afterward. Seems like a blooper to me. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't; no matter what, it's gold! Also, it appears *not* to be a StuntMax skipping out the door in the final scene. Very impressive.

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